Product summary and specifications
Comparison with the conventional type
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Product guide VTR
Product summary and specifications
Comparison with the conventional type
Lineup and specifications
Product guide VTR
Product summary and specifications
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Product guide VTR
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1   Product summary and specifications
TOKKI’s V-shape separator is a cascade type separator by making use of the mechanism of rolling of pellets and static frictions, which was realized as the first model in Japan.

1、Separation is done accurately.
Separation takes place from rolling frictions by making use of V-shape grooves with a slope, so that long shape pellets cannot pass through the meshes to be mixed with good pellets.

2、Clogging is largely improved.
Separation is done in the V-shape grooves with a slope and not through meshes, and so pellets cannot be clogged in the meshes.。

3、Separation accuracy is adjustable during operation.
The frequency of the inverter and the slope are adjustable during operation, and so the separation accuracy can be adjusted easily.

4、Screen replacement is unnecessary.
The cascade screen is unnecessary, where the size of pellets isφ1 to 4 mm.

5、All pellet shapes are separable.
Pellets of L-shape, T-shape or U-shape which tended to be clogged on the screen are all separable without occurrence of clogging.

6、Vibration regulation is easy.
The amplitude is adjustable by regulating the balance weight of motor and the vibration frequency can be regulated, and so the adjustment of throughput is easy to do.

7、Quiet start-up and shutdown are possible.
The start-up and shutdown operation occur with no eccentric vibrations caused since the resonance point is quickly passed over due to the inverter. 


Cleaning is easy due to a hatch type construction.
product outlet
Separation accuracy is adjustable during operation.


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