Product summary and specifications
Comparison with the conventional type
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Product summary and specifications
Comparison with the conventional type
Lineup and specifications
Product guide VTR
Product summary and specifications
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Product guide VTR
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1   Product summary and specifications

Realization Succeeded First in Japan
Tokki’s Strand Cutter is a domestic underwater strand type realized first in Japan, after various improvements incorporated into the underwater strand model, which has a traverse guide mechanism enabling to extend the life cycle of the cutter’s blade significantly
1. Easy and Stable Operation
When the operation is started, the polymer to be fed into the cutter is automatically transferred to its internal rolls due to the elevation gap and water flow, and started to be cut. Even if the strands are cut off during the operation from some reason, they will be transferred to the rolls and cut due to the elevation gap and water flow. Therefore, the number of discharges of product as the result of a strand cut trouble is reduced largely, and thus no valuable resources are wasted.
2. Easy Maintenance
Because of so simple construction that disassembling can be done by blocks, the time for maintenance services is reduced.
3. Low Noise Level
Since the strands are cut in the water, the noise level during the operation is low.
4. Safe Mechanism
Insofar as the operation is not stopped, the turning blade cover is designed not to open. Even if the starting switch is turned on by mistake while the blade is inspected by opening the turning blade cover, the blade will not still turn to ensure the safety.
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